[FREE] Dracula download pdf

[FREE] Dracula download pdf

Bram Stoker,: Dracula



A true masterwork of storytelling, Dracula has transcended generation, language, and culture to become one of the most popular novels ever written. It is a quintessential tale of suspense and horror, boasting one of the most terrifying characters ever born in literature: Count Dracula, a tragic, night-dwelling specter who feeds upon the blood of the living, and whose diabolical passions prey upon the innocent, the helpless, and the beautiful. But Dracula also stands as a bleak allegorical saga of an eternally cursed being whose nocturnal atrocities reflect the dark underside of the supremely moralistic age in which it was originally written -- and the corrupt desires that continue to plague the modern human condition.

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Author: Bram Stoker,
Number of Pages: 352 pages
Published Date: 30 Aug 2009
Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Ltd
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781848373297
Download Link: Click Here


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