*FREE* Man Made God : A Collection of Essays pdf, epub, mobi

*FREE* Man Made God : A Collection of Essays pdf, epub, mobi

Barbara G Walker,D M Murdock,Acharya S,: Man Made God : A Collection of Essays

Man Made God : A Collection of Essays


"Man Made God" is a series of articles by the author of "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myth's and Secrets." Extraordinary independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology Barbara G. Walker takes us through a journey back in time to when the Goddess and her consort/son ruled supreme, into the era when the patriarchy usurped Her worship, right up to Barbara's own personal experience being raised a Christian. In this remarkable collection, Walker turns a critical eye towards: -Religion as big business -Religion's effects on children -The Bible as a "moral guide" and "history" -Biblical infallibility -The doctrine of "original sin" -The biblical attitude towards sexuality -God as "Father" -Church doctrine regarding women -Church history vis-a-vis the Dark Ages, Inquisition, and book- and witch-burning -Christian afterlife traditions -Traditional Christian origins -And much more... A brilliant expose of the long lost history of religious ideology, including goddess worship, and a scathing indictment of the male-dominated cultus. No beating around the bush, no nitpicking details, no confused questioning of what was-Walker cuts straight to the heart with her profound understanding and matter-of-fact conclusions. A frank and exceptional analysis, this powerful book "Man Made God" unveils mysteries that have perplexed mankind for millennia, and unravels detrimental religious ideologies that have been plaguing humanity for equally long."

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Author: Barbara G Walker,D M Murdock,Acharya S,
Number of Pages: 378 pages
Published Date: 15 Apr 2010
Publisher: Stellar House Publishing, LLC
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780979963148
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